The MOST Frequently Asked Questions – [FAQ’s]

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  • A:  I'm a retired software architect that has always wanted to be in the art business.  

    I now have time to do the things I want to do - with the people I want to do things with.  If you want to know more about me - navigate to:  Google search:  Dennis Fehler

    - or - call me:  254-723-8318

  • A: My intention is to have plenty of choices, but if you are very busy how is it possible to look at my entire inventory?

    A good way to shop is to search by TAGS.  Each item has a color [and more] TAG. The TAGS are located at the bottom - center of every "Shopping Page."  The larger the letters in the TAG word the more the TAG is used.  For example lt blue is printed large which means there are numerous lt blue items.

    There are several other ways to shop:

    • Click on the SHOP > Menu > then a sub category – [for example] “Earrings.” The Menu buttons are the large square buttons: Home | SHOP | Checkout | My Account | Help.
    • Use the Sort By Feature:  [Sort by]
      • Default Sorting - [Items are sorted in alphabetical order]
      • The most popular [popularity - which item is viewed most]
      • The latest creations [newness - which item is the last placed for sale]
      • Sort by Price:  [low to high]
      • Sort by Price:  [high to low]

    Each search /sorting method has its use - experiment and you will easily see how to navigate through the available products in my shop.

  • A:  Currently, I offer Earrings | Fish Sculptures | Plant Sculptures | Mobiles.

    EARRINGS - I design and supply exceptionally high quality hand-made earrings that are made from very lightweight and durable brushed aircraft aluminum, then I hand paint them with bright acrylic iridescent and duochrome colors and color combinations.

    FISH - In 1977 I was working in a stained glass studio and experimenting with mixed media sculpture on the side. I had a geode that someone gave me and it looked like a fish filet. I had some wire so I fashioned what I thought looked like a fish and used the geode for the fish body. At some point I got the bright idea to use stained glass to create glass and wire sculptures. It was a eureka moment. When creating stained glass panels the is always a tremendous amount of wasted glass. Glass that is priced at $20.00 / ft sq is sold by the pound in small pieces. It seemed like a wonderful way to recycle what was considered waste.  I have been making some variation of the Fish Sculptures since.

    PLANTS - One day I was cutting some metal and one of the pieces reminded me of a plant leaf. The next thing you know I found a glass plant container at an antique store and desk plants for "purple thumb "people was born.

    MOBILES - I have always admired mobiles. I like the way they move in the slightest breeze and provide hours of entertainment without batteries or high technology.

  • A:  I use the USPS.

     [They provide excellent service for me].  Yes, I can ship FedEX, UPS etc, but that service is "extra" and usually costs an amount close to the item I am shipping.

    I offer same day service.  If the USPS is "open" I will ship you item immediately.  If not, I will ship the first opportunity.  [Sunday, Federal Holidays, etc. - the USPS is closed]

    I ship your earrings in the standard presentation white jewelry boxes; so if you provide a small bow and a card they ready to go as excellent gifts.  I go out of my way to prevent any damage.  Other items are shipped in the standard mailing / shipping containers.

    Do not worry - I promise - you will be happy.

  • A:  Yes, I can drop ship your item(s) to any address in the USA.  

    When you check out you will notice a small checkbox in the upper right side of the area where you fill in your Billing Address.  the checkbox reads: "Ship to Billing Address."  If you click on the check box {uncheck the box] the shipping address will appear.  Just complete the form where you want me to send the item(s).

    There is also an area for Order Notes.  Use this area if you have any "special" instructions.  I will do my best to make it happen.

  • A: If you have never shopped online it is relatively easy.  

    My shopping experience is modeled after the standard online process with little deviation.  Online shopping is not "difficult," but there are a few things that could be "a little tricky" the first few times you do it.  I would recommend you do it a few times [with someone you trust] to get a basic understanding of the process.  

    ALSO: look at this HELP page: 


  • A: Because I want you to order from me with confidence.

    What is PayPal?

    PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account.

    PayPal allows you to purchase goods or services online using any major credit card or bank account.  You can order with confidence and peace of mind that you credit card number and details remain secure and private.  When you pay for my items you will be taken to PayPal’s online order page, which is hosted on PayPal’s secure servers.

    All payments are made over PayPal’s secure encrypted connection so credit cards numbers and private details can not be stolen in transit.  This method is as secure as online ordering can be.

    Be assured I never handle or even see your credit card or bank account details. All credit card processing is handled for me by PayPal.

    Read more about PayPal

  • A: Yes, I do have some Wholesale Clients.

    But, I had these clients "before" this online shop.  While I am very happy with my current arrangements, I will always entertain a good opportunity.

  • A: This is not a big problem - it happens all the time.  

    Look under the My Account button - there is a choice "Lost Password."  Just enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via the email address you originally provided.

    Remember:  I do not keep your password, [so if you need help beyond the above solution] - the best thing to do is just email me and we will create a new account and password for you.  

  • A: Just call me:  254-723-8318

    [or send] e-mail: